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Specializing in service to churches and ministers, Tom Burbrink has been involved in tax preparation and financial counseling since 1978.  Services offered include church payroll processing, tax seminars, compensation package planning sessions and preparing tax returns for ministers.  Over two hundred ministers in over twenty-five states are clients.    More than 30 churches are Full Payroll clients.

Tom has conducted tax seminars in many states and at numerous Christian colleges.

Tom retired from Antioch Christian Church near Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, on December 31, 2003.  He has preached on a part-time basis during the past twenty-five years. For twenty-three years Tom served as Administrative Assistant at Kentucky Christian University.

In addition to being an alumnus of Kentucky Christian University, he has studied accounting and finance at Butler University in Indianapolis.  His training in tax preparation includes seminars held by the Internal Revenue Service,  B. J. Worth, the American Institute of Tax Return Preparers, and the National Association of Tax Practitioners.

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