Church Treasurer: Could You Use Some Help?

Could you use some help with the church payroll?

Many church treasurers find that handling the church payroll requires a great deal of time. Complying with complex tax regulations can cause anxiety and frustration.

In view of this need, we now offer complete payroll services. Most payroll service firms are not familiar with the different requirements of church payrolls.

Since ministers are not subject to FICA/Medicare tax withholding, their paycheck must be calculated differently. Tax Sheltered Annuities (retirement funds), housing allowances and employee benefits are areas that need special handling.

We prepare W2’s, W3’s, Forms 941, state and local payroll reports. Calculating the amounts and due dates of Federal, state and local tax deposits is included in our payroll service.

Each payroll service is designed to meet the specific needs of the employing congregation. Contact us for details about our Payroll Services. We can help.

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This post was written by burbrink on September 10, 2008

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